A Two Day Masterclass Helping You To Drive Contract Management To New Levels At Your Organisation. 

Perth | 9 - 10 May
Sydney | 13 - 14 May
Brisbane | 22 - 23 May
Melbourne | 20 - 21 May


Registration 08:30 (Starts 9am till 5pm) 
Running in Perth, Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne and facilitated by Dr Cyril Jankoff, a Director of The Risk Doctor, a contract risk mitigator organisation; this high impact two-day masterclass is focuses on the high-value, strategic aspects of contract management to improve project delivery outcomes.
Our modern world demands faster delivery and better business outcomes from larger and ever more complex projects. So, it’s crucial that contracts are managed just as well as the projects they underpin.
The management of contracts is complicated by many things: the nature of projects and their location, organisations with differing goals. More importantly, the people who manage them, with their different capabilities, experience and understanding, adds even more complication. 
When things go wrong on projects, the effect can be significant, and the impacts of risks very real. Moreover, it’s important that contracts are managed professionally as they may have more digitally visibility, as they are shared by and commented on by the media, the market and the community.
The increasing importance of contract management for projects means that managing responsibility transcends the traditional, more administrative, role.  To manage today’s contracts, a direct role must be played at a strategic and operational level to ensure value for money is achieved, while contract leakage and risks are minimised.  

Contract Management Masterclass Leader

Cyril Jankoff


The Risk Doctor

This course is facilitated by Dr Cyril Jankoff, a Director of The Risk Doctor, a contract risk mitigator organisation. He is a contracting professional with over three decades of experience as a practitioner in business improvement, contract management, projects and service delivery. He is equally familiar with buy and sell side transactions and thus can provide an insight as to both sides of the same transaction allowing participants to obtain better contractual outcomes.
Over the last 30+ years Cyril has worked as an external solicitor, in-house counsel as well as an accountant and financial controller. He also worked as the Australia and Oceania manager for a division of a global listed UK global publishing company. He now works as a consultant, speaker, trainer, author and mentor in commercial contracts especially in procurement and Supplier Relationship Management as well as in business improvement and general management. For many years he also simultaneously worked as a Certified Practising Accountant in private practice and as a forensic accountant where he quantified loss of profits and damages claims in contested breach of contract commercial and fraud disputes.
In addition to his MBA he has formal qualifications in law, accounting, contract management and education/training. Cyril’s Doctorate is in business improvement and the necessary continuing professional development of the organisation’s managers and advisers.
He has for many years been closely involved with the International Association for Contract and Commercial Management (www.IACCM.com), and is certified by the IACCM as an Expert Level Supplier Relationship Management Professional (“SRME”).

Why Attend?

  • This two-day masterclass is designed to help you transcend the traditional, more administrative role that has been the nature of contract management. 

  • This course is ideal for those ready to drive contract management to new levels at your organisation. You recognise your organisation's need to think strategically, think long-term, and think results.  Set and forget is dead!

  • Over the two days, we'll be exploring and testing out the concepts and tools used by leading organisations throughout the globe. Think of it as a two-day shopping trip for best practice - but only what works in practice, consistently, across many organisations.

  • You'll be shown many examples, have many interactive exercises to try things out for yourself, and be in a supportive and frank environment in which to soundboard current issues and challenges.



Who Should Attend?

This course is specifically designed for project and contract managers who want to understand the high-value strategic aspects of contract management to improve project delivery outcomes.
Accordingly, contract and project managers, and other people involved in designing and making key decisions regarding project-related contracts, will benefit significantly from this course.




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