Online Agenda

AEST timingNZST timing
Welcome and Overview10:00 am12:00 pm
Quickfire participant introduction10:10 am12:10 pm
Day 1 sessions begin 10:30 am12:30 pm 
10-minute break 11: 00 am1:00 pm
Wrap up for Day 112:40 pm2:40 pm


Session One - Delving into challenges and impacts of COVID-19 on current contract agreements 

  • Delays, insolvency, labour restrictions, etc. 
  • Assessing risk exposure
  • Pratical exercise - What challenges have you faced so far? How to deal with the challenges today?

Session Two: Force majeure and COVID-19: No longer theoretical?

  • Obligations
  • Other options 

Session Three: Renegotiating contracts: COVID-19 survival tips for businesses  

  • Know your style and benchmark it 
  • Virtual negotiations 
  • Negotiations under crises 
  • No lose strategy 
  • Practical exercise - a role play activity on how to manage current negotiations 
Wrap up of day one 

Lightning recap and overview10:00 am 12:00 pm 
Day 2 sessions begin10:10 am 12:10 pm 
10-minute break 11:00 am 1:10pm
Wrap up of masterclass  12:30 pm 2:30 pm


Session One: Building the roadmap to normality - Contract management post COVID-19 

  • Obsolete contract clauses 
  • Future contracting conditions  
  • Practical exercise - What does the new normal look like to you? How to approach future contract agreements?

Session Two: Uncertainty as BAU (Business as Usual) 

  • Practical exercise: How to manage the known unknowns?

Session Three: Risk revisited - Managing major changes in circumstances

  • Safeguarding supply
  • Managing SRM/CRM under strain 
  • Practical exercise - Assessing risks and mitigation in a practical way  

Session Four: Re-designing contracts for success - Techniques to ensure business continuity 

  • Informed and Agile Vs Set and Forget 
  • Colleagues Vs Master
  • Operations Vs Litigations focus   
  • Practical exercise: Moves for tomorrow
Wrap up and end of Day two