Contract Management Through COVID-19: An online "LIVE' Masterclass

27-28 May (SOLD OUT)  |  21-22 July (SOLD OUT)


A two-day live online masterclass, led by Dr.Sara Cullen of The Cullen Group  
The COVID-19 pandemic has led to and continues to disrupt the global trade system and economy. As organisations try to adapt to new business environments in unchartered operating conditions, it raises complex concerns surrounding contractual obligations and risk. This has resulted in genuine questions around contract scope and deliverables, cancellations, refunds and ultimately business continuity. The need for businesses to stabilise operations and manage contract agreements in a new normal is abundantly clear.
This interactive live online training course will deep-dive into all your challenges related to contractual obligations, that are affected by COVID-19, whilst uncovering real-world practical tips for negotiating and managing contracts during these unprecedented times. 
Led by Dr. Sara Cullen, a highly sought after global authority on contract management in both the commercial and government sectors, this practical interactive live online workshop will help you: 
  • Formulate a critical step-by-step contract management response to COVID-19 whilst ensuring business continuity 
  • Acquire practical knowledge on renegotiating contract agreements to achieve the best outcomes during COVID-19 
  • Attain effective approaches to manage and invoke the force majeure provisions whilst avoiding costly pitfalls 

How it works 


Masterclass Facilitator

Dr. Sara Cullen

Managing Director

The Cullen Group

Dr Sara Cullen is a global authority on contract management, having helped over 150 organisations, in both the commercial and government sectors, spanning 51 Countries, representing contract values worth over $18 Billion. She was a National Partner at Deloitte (Australia) and Global Thought Leader on outsourcing and now performs research and teaches at universities in addition to running The Cullen Group, a boutique firm specialising in creating high-performance contracts and commercial relationships between buyers and sellers. 

Sara’s in-depth knowledge is globally recognised. She is widely published, the internationally recognised author having written 19 books and 132 best practice and research publications. She conducts reviews for the Harvard Business Review, Journal of Information and Technology, and IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management. Sara has also featured in world-renowned publications such as the Australian Financial Review, BRW, The Bulletin, ComputerWorld, Directions in Government and local newspapers including the Melbourne Age, Canberra Times, Adelaide Adviser, and in NZ Herald.   

Sara leads our corporate training programs covering sourcing, negotiation, and contract management and has trained over 7,000 participants across the Asia Pacific. She also regularly lectures at leading universities including Melbourne, Monash, RMIT and the Australian Defence Force Academy, in addition to universities in the Europe, Asia and North America.   

Sara has a PhD, an MBA, and a BSc. She is a Chartered Accountant (US) and a certified mediator. She is an Industry Fellow at the University of Melbourne, an associate at the London School of Economics, on the Australia/NZ Board of the IACCM and a member of the Executive Panel, Certified Contract Management Professional.   

Dr Cullen is the author of 19 books, including the best-selling book, The Contract Scorecard, and co-author of Outsourcing: All you need to know. 

Why Attend

  • Gain a clear understanding of the risks that COVID-19 has on contracts 
  • Learn how to manage contractual obligations and deliverables during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Asses the force majeure or suspension clauses and understand the implications of COVID-19 on those clauses
  • Evaluate the proper measures to suspend performance of affected obligations 
  • Gain insights into negotiating interim solutions without compromising on rights
  • Avoid contractual conflicts and resolve disputes
  • Understand how to negotiate new contracts during the COVID-19 pandemic 
  • Keep contractual relationships intact when normality resumes 

Who Should Attend 

This masterclass is designed and developed for those who want to derive maximum benefit from their organisations contracts, and mitigate financial risks during the COVID-19 pandemic. Ideally, those who are responsible for; setting up the KPI's and deliverables and, managing and delivering on the requirements of a contract or commercial transaction, including:
  • Contract managers, advisors, officers and administrators
  • Procurement and purchasing personnel 
  • Commercial project managers 
  • Category managers 


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